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Monday, 5 September 2016

Pakistan: Obnoxious cleric-cum-lawmaker Ilyas Chinioti on anti-Ahmadi tirade

Daily Rabwah | News Watch | US Desk
Source/Credit: The Express Tribune
By Staff report | September 3, 2016

LAHORE: In the Punjab Provincial Assembly where the Occupied Kashmir was the focus of the proceedings last Thursday with lawmakers from the Opposition taking the floor to condemn Indian atrocities, not every lawmaker from the ruling party, PML-N, was feeling love for the persecuted people of Kashmir.

One Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA), Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Chinioti of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz group), for example, was preoccupied with the dilemma of Ahmadis being misidentified as Muslims, a Pakistani English daily, The Express Tribune reported.

Ilyas Chinioti's anxiety was related to the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Abdus Salam, a world-renowned scientist, who has been dead for nearly 20 years.

Ilyas Chinioti rose to his feet to speak on his concern over a publisher identifying Dr. Abdus Salam as a Muslim.

MPA Chinioti said Salam belonged to the Ahmadiyya community and, and such, he cannot be identified as a Muslim. "This hurts Muslim's feelings," he complained.

The cleric demanded the chair must investigate the matter and seek a response from the publisher.

Chinioti is a leader of the Pakistan’s Khatam-e-Nabuwat organisation, an extremist group  at the forefront of anti-Ahmadi activities.

-- Pakistan: Obnoxious cleric-cum-lawmaker on anti-Ahmadi tirade

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